Justice League Review

Justice League Poster

A serious danger threatens the world. Batman is forming a special team to help him save the world. With wonderwoman, he goes looking for Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash. Some of them show some resistance to join the group but ultimately join the team to save the world.

The Super team

I found that the different characters worked well enough together but I think they were not enough. A lot of justice league fan favorites could have been included. Other than that, the characters were nice. I had a tough time accepting Ezra Miller as the Flash. Being a fan of Grant Gustin's Flash and all. I also found that his character had too much forced comedy moments. But I know Ezra Miller is a good actor so I might like him more in the future.

Scary Superman

Even though I found it weird and curious that superman was resurrected the same way that doomsday was created, the moment he wakes and loses it, it is just the coolest thing in the movie. It was impactful. It looked good. It showed how powerful superman really is. It was amazing to watch.

Weaknesses of the movie

Steppenwolf, the villain. We don't really care about him. He is just here to make the team come together, but superman alone could have taken care of him. People didn't like Luthor in Batman V Superman, but at least he was a living character. Steppenwolf was just there.
That being said, the story itself was a little weak, maybe in part because of the villain, maybe in part because of all the rewrites, the re-shoots and other stuffs. That movie was way too expensive for what it is. In what was the story weak? There are parademons or whatever. Batman try to reassemble the team. Then they decide to resurrect superman because even as a team they can't take save the world. Really ? And they fight, they win... For a movie I was waiting for, for a very long time, I was underwhelmed. I didn't have as much fun as I thought I would. It was still enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, but I expected more.

Nice easter eggs

There were some nice easter eggs. One very famous, the Flash/Superman race at the end.
Old themes were used, like the Batman animated series theme and the old superman theme. The Batman animated series is one of my favorite, if not my favorite incarnation of batman. So it was nice to have these little references. I am sure they were many others but I don't remember much. We saw for a second a green lantern and probably so many others.


The humor in it was good, but the movie as a whole was not very memorable. In a weird way, I think I preferred Batman V Superman because even though there were some strange things, the story hold its own better and there were some very memorable scenes. In a few words, Justice league was fun but not as great as it could have been, and from far. So as a DC fan, I was a little let down but I still had a good time watching it. Let's hope they do a better story next time.


Stranger Things 2 Review

    Stranger things 2 pilot on a big screen

I was lucky enough to watch the first 2 episodes at the opening of the Paris Comic Con. It was quite an experience to watch the beginning of the show on a big screen, in a room full of people. It kind added to the excitement I already had for the this season.

Strangers Things 2

A year after the end of the first season, we get back to Hawkins where the kids and their families lives somewhat of a normal life. But something if affecting Will's mind, or is it more than just in his head.

This season, like the one before, has a lot references to the eighties, whether subtle homages to movies from the eighties or for example, like the costumes they wear for Halloween, as shown on the trailer.

“Who you gonna call? The NERDS”

The band all dresses in gostbusters costumes, and this drives to very funny moments.

  • Dustin and Lucas

Dustin and Lucas both have an eye for Max. They find them selves in some kind of a love triangle.
It triggers some conflict between the two and it is funny to see them figure all that out. Dustin is one of my favorites, but I actually love them all. But Dustin has something unique. I really like this actor and this character. So I was pleased to see him do more this season. We also get to see a lot more of Lucas and his family, like his annoying sister. She is quite hilarious.

  • Will and Mike

Will has quite a role to play this season, without telling much. He is amazing. I felt so sorry for him the whole season. Mike takes a step back this season. In the first season, he was the protagonist. In this season, we see less of him in order to get deeper in the other characters, which I didn't mind.

Without spoiling, there is a scene where Will and Mike talk in the first episodes, it so emotional and beautiful. They are both wonderful actors.

  • Eleven

I did liked her story with Hopper but I kind of missed seeing her with the boys. But man, it is so rewarding when they meet again. It is not spoiler, we all know they would finally meet again. But I got to say that I preferred her character in particular in the first season. But she obviously still the coolest psychic character ever. I just love this actress. She is mind blowing.

  • The new comers

Max moves in town from California and she catches the attention of Dustin and Lucas, like I said earlier. I liked her character. She is this Tomboy girl who skates and she has a very hateful step brother.
Her step brother Billy is the best example of the character you surely going to hate in all the possible ways. He was maybe a little too much of a jerk. For no reason sometime. No need to say I hated this character, but we are supposed to hate him, so...
Bob is the new boyfriend of Joyce. I didn't quite like him at first. I found him a bit weird and too nice. I don't know. There was something weird about him. But then he began to grow on me. I liked him a little more every scene. I particularly liked his relationship with Will.

Stranger Things 2, a sequel that will leaves you wanting more

When you think about the villain, the story and everything supernatural, it is not what makes the show the most appealing. The supernatural and scary stuffs are necessary but only to develop the characters. What is the most appealing in the show, and from the first season, it is the characters beautifully portrayed by the actors and their relationships. They are so appealing and relatable that you would follow them anywhere. In general, I am not a big fan of scary stories but when the characters are that good, I would follow them anywhere. So for me Stranger Things 2 allows the characters to develop and grow and takes them to the next step of their journey. I cannot wait for the next season.

And you, did you watch Stranger Things 2 yet ? If so, what did you think ? I am eager to hear your thoughts. 


Thor Ragnarok Review

    Yesterday, I went to see Thor Ragnarok with my sisters. And I got to say, I wasn't disappointed.
Thor Ragnarok

The story takes off with Thor trying to prevent the profecy of Ragnarok from happening, the end, the apocalypse of Asgard. He founds out later that the threat is something completely different. He then ends up stuck on a planet where he is forced to fight to entertain people.

Like my sister said, it kind of had a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. The humour, the absurde side of it. To be honest, I find this one way better, funier, more entertaining that the first two. Why ? Because it made me laugh a lot, there were good surprises, it was a good comic book, marvel experience.

I enjoyed the characters and their interactions. I liked the villain, the godess of death. She was interesting even if she was a little bit predictable and not very original. Loki was a little annoying, I have to say. Always doing the same things. Which is highlighted by Thor at one point. There are some of the background characters who are really funny, like Korg. I also liked the valkirie. 

All that to say that, the characters old and new, were nicely portrayed even though not very original, it still worked. They were fun and appealing. The story was a little bit expected but the humour and funny moments made it work. For me, it was a pleasant movie and I had fun watching it. 

Did you watch Thor Ragnarok yet ? If not, do you intend to watch it ?
If you did watch it, what did you think ? Did it appeal to you as it appealed to me ?


Star Trek Discovery - Une aventure à ne pas rater !

Star Trek Discovery

Avec toute honnêteté, je ne suis pas du tout une connaisseuse de Star Trek. J’ai juste regardé le premier film de JJ Abrams et je suis peut-être tombée sur quelques épisodes de la série à la télé il y a très longtemps. C’est donc avec un œil frais que j’ai regardé ses deux premiers épisodes de la série.
Au tout début, je ne savais donc pas à quoi m’attendre en ayant vu la bande annonce.

L’épisode commence doucement mais une fois qu’on rentre dans le feu de l’action, j’ai été complètement happée par la série. Et je ne suis pas une fan de Star Trek, pas parce que je n’aime pas ça mais parce que je n’ai jamais eu l’occasion de m’y mettre. Pour tout vous dire, ces deux épisodes m’ont donné envie de me mettre aux anciennes séries. Et ils sont disponibles sur Netflix. En tout cas certains.
Je ne savais donc pas vraiment à quoi m’attendre mais à la fin j’étais satisfaite de cette aventure qui ne fait que commencer.
J’ai été surprise par plusieurs éléments. J’étais engagée dans l’histoire. Les personnages, bien que présentés très rapidement, sont très attachants. Pour des premiers épisodes, c’était très prometteur et je vais certainement continuer la série. Je vais même essayer de la regarder semaine après semaine, si j’y arrive. Déjà trop de séries, surtout que c’est la rentrée pour la plupart des séries.

Bon je me disperse. Si je devais donner une note à ces deux premiers épisodes, je dirais un 7/10 car les personnages et leurs relations se développaient d’une manière organique au cours de l’histoire. Histoire qui n’a rien d’innovant en soi, mais dès qu’elle nous tient, elle ne nous lâche plus. C'est pour ça que je pense que c'est une aventure à ne pas rater.


The 13th Doctor announced

So this weekend the 13th doctor was announced. I was waiting for that for a long time like most of you. 

So the fact that the next doctor might be a woman was hinted for a long time. In fact, from the Missy reveal, there was hint after hint announcing that the next doctor or one in the future might be a woman. 

It is indeed a risky move that might be a subject for controversy. A risky move but handled with care. To be honest, we all saw it coming. It would have been weird after all these hints not to go that road. I think it was planned for quite some time now. If they didn’t intend to choose a woman, they wouldn’t have teased this possibility so much. 

The public reactions are mixed obviously. A lot of angry people don’t see a woman as the doctor. I understand that it is a lot to take in but it is a bold choice that I am curious to see happening.  I saw a lot of fans who seemed very angry or sad. I saw comments like “it’s gonna be Nurse who, not Doctor Who!” or other very stupid comments that made me a little bit angry. There were also comments from people that explained why it didn’t make sense for them and I respected that. 

My opinion :  Like I said, I am curious to see what is going to look like. The change, the humor it can trigger. Some people were actually a little concerned that the gender would be too much central to the humor and they might use it too much. I hope not, but I got to say that it is a legitimate concern. Obviously, I am not one of these pissed off people. I am actually excited to see it even if I am going to miss Peter Capaldi for sure. 

The next doctor will be played by Jodie Whittaker. She was on Broadchurch with our tenth Doctor actually, David Tennant. I didn’t watch the show so far but I actually watched the first episode to see Jodie Whittaker and she is a good actress. But Broadchurch is a dramatic show so I don’t know how she is for the humor part. But overall I am excited to see the first Lady Doctor.  


Peaky Blinders, La saison 3 sur Netflix

La saison 3 de Peaky Blinders est disponible sur Netflix.

J’ai découvert Peaky Blinders sur Netflix, et la saison 3 est disponible depuis peu. J’aime beaucoup cette série. Je la trouve très bien écrite, très bien réalisé et superbement jouée par ses acteurs.

Je n’ai encore vu que trois épisodes de la saison, c’est-à-dire la moitié de la saison déjà. Ça passe trop vite ! Depuis la première saison, j’aime beaucoup le personnage de Thomas Shelby joué par Cillian Murphy. On éprouve de la compassion envers lui sans qu’il soit présenté comme quelqu’un d’innocent loin de là. Il lui arrive de perdre la boule et de devenir plus violent que nécessaire. Sans spoiler, mais durant le dernier épisode que j’ai regardé, il ordonne à ses frères de faire quelque chose qu’ils refusent de faire tellement c’était immoral. Pour parler des quelques nouveautés de la saison. Le flic qui était détestable dans les dernières saisons est remplacé par quelqu’un qui se fait passer pour un prêtre qui contraint Thomas Shelby à faire des missions top secrètes. Toutes cette histoire n’est pas encore très claire mais elle augmente la tension de la situation dans laquelle se trouvent les personnages. Autres nouveaux personnages, cette famille russe dont je n’ai pas encore très bien encore compris le rôle. Et cette duchesse qui essaye de séduire Thomas Shelby, je ne la supporte pas, mais ce le type de personnage qu’on est sensé détester.
Pour finir, cette série est probablement ce que je préfère de tous les films et séries de gangsters que j’ai vu. Et j’en ai vu assez. En visionnant rien que le premier épisode, je me suis dit qu’est-ce que ça m’avait manqué. C’est une série à voir absolument pour les amateurs d’histoires de gangsters et/ou de séries d’époque.


Boruto, une suite digne? | a worthy sequel ?

 Voilà ! Naruto c'est fini. Maintenant on a Boruto. C'était un assez bon épisode mais ça me rappelle à quel point Naruto va me manquer. Et ouais. ce premier épisode n'est pas comparable au tout premier épisode de Naruto. On verra pour les prochains épisodes. Pour tout vous dire, je n'ai pas lu les scans de Boruto car le début reprend le film qu'on connait déjà donc et je n'ai pas repris après ça.


La nouvelle génération va-t-elle égaler la précédente ?

 Voilà! Naruto is over. Now we have Boruto. It was a nice episode but it reminds me how much I am going to miss Naruto. Yeah, that first episode doesn't compare to Naruto's first episode. we'll see the episodes to come. But just to say, I haven't read the scans of Boruto, because in the begining they just go over the movie story which we already know and I didn't get to it after that.


Can the new generation match the first?

L’épisode commence par un flashforward. Boruto et un certain Kawaki se battent sur les ruines des statues des Hokages. Ce kawaki dit une phrase qui m’a tout simplement retourné. Il dit « je vais t’envoyer rejoindre le 7ème Hokage ». Quoi ? Je peux pas croire que Naruto puisse.. Ha je ne veux même pas y penser. Avec un peu de chance c’est un possible futur. Ou peut-être que ce personnage Kawaki croit qu’il est mort mais que ce n’est pas le cas. C’est déjà arrivé il me semble. Comme vous le voyez, cette introduction ne m’a pas laissé indemne.
Après, pour ce qui ce passe dans la suite de l’épisode. On se situe évidement avant le film ce qui m’a un peu déçu. Je comprends qu’il veulent prendre leur temps, mais bon. Pour ce qui ce passe dans cet épisode, c’est-à-dire la petite virée de Boruto avec Shikadai. En suite il rencontre Denki. Il lui vient en aide quand il se fait racketter par une bande. Et ensuite une espèce de serpent fantôme le mord et il perd un peu la boule. Il revoit alors cette bande et les coince dans un train défectueux. Boruto arrive et lui fait reprendre son calme et leurs sauve la mise. Et ils arrivent à la cérémonie d’entrée d’école en faisant une sacrée entrée. Et voilà ! Je ne veux pas comparer l’incomparable mais quand je repense au tout premier épisode de Naruto... Comme je disais, on doit éviter de comparer sinon au lieu de passer un bon temps, on risque de se torturer. Pour terminer je suis un peu déçue pour ce premier épisode. C’est triste à dire, mais je pensais que j’aurai eu un peu plus de sensations. Mais sans mentir, je vais bien évidement continuer à regarder bien sûr. J’attends de voir ce que cette suite peut nous réserver.  

 The episode starts with a flashforward. Boruto and a guy named Kawaki fight over the ruins of the Hokages statues. This Kawaki guy says something that I can't accept. He says "I am going to send you to join the 7th Hokage". What ? I can't believe that Naruto is going to... Ha, I don't even want to think about it. Well, with luck it is only a possible future. Or maybe this character Kawaki thinks he's dead but in fact he's not. It halready happened. As you can see, this introduction took quite a toll on me.
After that the episode takes place before the movie Boruto. I was kind of hoping to see what happens next but I understand that they would want to explore his story a little more. What happens in this episode, meaning Boruto hanging out with Shikadai. Then he meets Denki. He helps him after getting attacked by a group of guys. Then kind of a ghost snake bites him and makes him go crazy. He sees this group of guys again and traps them in a faulty train. Boruto arrives and calms him down and saves the day. They arrive at the school opening ceremony by making a big entrance. And voilà! I don't want to compare it to Naruto's first episode but... Like I said, we shouldn't compare, otherwise instead of having a good time we risk to torture ourselves. To finish, I have to say that I am a little disappointed by this first episode. It is sad to say but I was expecting a little more feel to it. Frankly, I will obviously continue watching and I am waiting to see what it will bring to the table.